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After many years of playing with the idea of having spiritual name it was when I finally took a dive into a daily practice with kundalini yoga where I was guided. Shiva Sadhana Kaur was given to me after I answered some personal questions about myself in 2018.

“You have been blessed to live as Shiva Sadhana Kaur, the sacred Princess/Lioness who, by having a perfectly disciplined spiritual practice, overcomes any challenge bringing vitality, hope and God’s light into the world.

Shiva is a Name of God which represents the ability to eliminate negativity and darkness by generating new life which can reach up to embrace celestial light. Sadhana means disciplined spiritual practice. All females receive the name Kaur – the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman can attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it.

Use the power of your name, Shiva Sadhana Kaur, to realize your gift – that through dedication to a life based on spiritual values, you transcend all negativity bringing hope, vitality and God’s light on earth. Infuse each breath with the inner sound current of your name to be immersed in the vitality and integrity of this blessing. Your commitment to the disciplined practice that results in higher consciousness brings new life, opportunity and radiance to the minds and hearts of all those around you. Experience the wonderful sound of your name as it enables you to achieve the highest fulfillment of your soul.

The power of your spiritual name is that the more you speak and hear it, the more it permeates your being, opening you to experience its nadh (universal inner sound current). Consciously merge with the vibration of the nadh to come into harmony with your highest destiny.

Many blessings

Nirinjan Kaur

Director of Spiritual Names

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