Kinesiology Services

Trigger Point Myofascial Release TM

  • using props, like hands, fingers along with other tools, such as balls and rollers to learn how to release trigger points gently prior to stretching the stressed out tissue
  • learn to use deep compression with no pain to release trigger points
  • yin yoga for stretching; 3 – 5 minutes long holds to feel the tissue letting go of tensions (subtly is the answer)
  • creating an individualized daily practice


Kinesiology Services

Other Healing Modalities at your Finger Tips

  •  kundalini yoga system to use your own conscious breath to balance the nervous and glandular system
  • DoTerra Essential Oils (plant based organic oils)
  • Omni Mat with Swiss Bionics (6 copper coils mat to bring down inflammation to guide the body into its natural state)


Drink plenty of water and avoid smoking or heavy meals for an hour prior to your appointment. Wear light clothing and layer. Bring a water bottle to fill up with Kangen Filtered Water.

Skip the scents. Avoid perfume, cologne or other scents on the day of your treatment.

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